Saturday, June 15, 2013

"Design, Build and MAINTAIN"

MG Masonry's Philosophy is:
"Design, Build, MAINTAIN...."
Through the years of service in Hawaii, we have designed and installed many outdoor hardscapes that consists of  perimeter walls, planter boxes, flagstone patios and grass installation.  As our customer base increases we have gotten many requests to maintain the projects after we have turned them over to the homeowners.
Maintenance is a very time consuming task for todays homeowner. Yard maintenance can often take up hours at a time to do on a weekly basis.  Not to mention dealing with the hot Hawaiian sun, dirt, dust and bugs, that by the end of the day can leave you exhausted and dirty. 
At MG Masonry one of the many specialties services that we offer to help homeowners with the maintenance needs is Yard Service.  In Hawaii this is a never ending task, because our yards and gardens grow year round and if left unattended can eventually turn into a forest or eye sore.  We have may services specifically designed to help meet what ever you maintenance needs may be.
Give us a call today to receive a your special yard service rate. Were here to serve you!
"Remember: Design, Build and MAINTAIN....."
                                              {Matt Garcia}

Thursday, May 30, 2013

MG Masonry Concrete Hawaiian Lava Rock Driveway

MG Masonry Custom Concrete

Installation of New Hawaiian Lava Rock Concrete Driveway.
This Hawaiian Lava Rock Driveway is installed using a custom Lava Rock concrete stamp and then stained with a acid stain.  The finish appearance is a very natural dark lava rock finish that looks like real rock.

MG Masonry Concrete in Hawaii
For more information :
Matt Garcia
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"The Homeowner had a vision of what he wanted his driveway to look like to compliment the tropical paradise surrounding his home, we teamed up with that vision and helped create this tropical lava rock driveway"  
                                                                                                    {  Matt Garcia }


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

MG Masonry Highlights 2012

A Special thank you to our Valued Customers!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rock Wall after Installation of Landscaping

Location: Makakilo, Hawaii
Phase 4 of 4

Completed Custom Rock Wall

Completed Rock Wall

Location: Makakilo, Hawaii
Phase 3 of 4

The stones used in this Rock Wall Consists of natural Blue Rock which is commonly found in Hawaii. The rock consists of random sizes and colors from brown, green, golden, blue, grey and black. Another Custom feature added to this wall is that we chose to stain the wall a few shades darker, this brought out the darkened tints of the rocks and made the wall take on a new form of elegance.

Building Phase of Rock Wall

Location: Makakilo, Hawaii
Phase 2 of 4

The Construction of this Retaining Wall Had Several Technical Procedures. We first had to obtain approval from both the City and County of Honolulu and Waikaloi Association in Makakilo. We had Several Special inspectors for this project some of which consists of Geotechnical Engineers as well as Structural Engineers who inspected each phase of the project to ensure quality as well as Structural integrity.

Recent Rock Wall Project

Project Location: Makakilo, Hawaii
Phase 1 of 4

This project was particularly Challenging in Makakilo. The Goals of this project was: 1) To create a more usable space for the yard above the slope. 2) Design an elegant rock wall that would reveal the lots naturally valued features. 3) Design a Wall that is Structurally Strong as well as complyant with Hawaii building codes/restrictions for sloped areas, retaining walls and corner lots.